Peter Kalisch - Empty Mirror (NSFW)

Identify | Gloria M. Almanza

Empty Mirror, created by local performance artist Peter Kalisch, directed by Leila Jarman. After viewing, the OutFest premiere, I could feel how empty Peter felt inside. He was describing how his relationships are empty and unfulfilling. Everyone is touching each other, but there is no intimacy. No one is looking each other in the eyes. Peter is not fully connected to his partners or himself. These relationships are tearing him apart. There was no sexual pleasure, no connection or intimacy. I feel that the sheets represent the point of orgasm. With so many hands pulling on the sheets, the sheets are ripped apart, unable to orgasm. The dog for me shows the only creature that Peter has a connection with. He keeps his most intimate relationships at an arm’s length. They connect through the dog, yet they do not connect directly with each other. The cause? According to Peter Kalisch it is narcissism and how he deals with his narcissistic tendencies and relationships. 

Empty Mirror music video
© Peter Kalisch, 2018
Dir. Leila Jarman / Peter Kalisch
Prod. Luka Fisher
Cinemetography: Sasha Gransjean
Art Dept. PA: Catherine Gudiño
VFX: Jesse Kiewiet
MUA: Celeste Kamppilla