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On Thursday 06/27/19, it was reported that members of the Pomona Valley Democratic Club overturned the Citizens Police Oversight motion that was conducted just a week prior.

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The week prior, over 30 members of the Democratic Club met on Thursday evening 6/20/2019 to discuss what could be the first attempt to have a long-dragged out Citizens Police Oversight Commission (CPOC). While most members were for it, the Madam Chair presented an edited version agenda a few days before the meeting, which specifically stated the following, “Item 4. Police Review Commission: Discussion only, no action to be taken until such time as full E-Board can be present.” This struck many members of the club as no such rule exists according to the Robin Rules of Order and the club’s bylaws. Out of the five e-board members, Debra Martin the newly elected Chair of the club was not present, as well as the Secretary John Clifford who was rather attending a dinner event.

it wasn’t until Pomona community leader & the Women’s Sub-Committee Chair, Jacqueline Elizalde, who called a motion to send out a letter to the City Council in support of the Citizens Police Oversight Commission, that an actual long overdue conversation took place. Jacqueline addressed members of the club and stated that she felt upset for the push back on what seems to have been an action that the community had been asking for. She was not given the proper respect by also newly elected Vice Chair, Ramirez, who continued to abruptly interrupt her motion. However, that didn’t stop Elizalde, as she pushed to be the voice for the people of Pomona by calling a motion for the club to support the CPOC in a form of an endorsement letter that would later be presented to the council. Jacqueline stated, “I’m not against our Pomona Police Department (PPD), no this isn’t that kind of party. What drives me is an open door for transparency and our community coming together. I support our PPD as well as our community.”


With 31 members and a majority 20+ “Yay” votes in favor of the CPOC (minutes pending approval), Mike Suarez the Membership Chair stated that he had long asked the Chair and Secretary to place this item on the agenda and had been ignored for some time now.


During the course of the meeting, community activist Miranda Sheffield called out the club by stating the following, “how dare this club hold a Legacy Awards Ceremony” while holding the club’s flier and pointing out photos of Rosa Parks, Cesar Chavez, Martin Luther King Jr. and Dolores Huerta, “knowing that these individuals have dealt with police injustice and brutality and you refuse to be democratic on this issue.” All members applauded her vocal efforts to attempt to get a better understanding as to why the leadership was attempting to block the endorsement letter from moving forward.

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Unfortunately, at about two hours later from when the club started its meeting, Membership Chair, Suarez, had to leave for personal reasons that later turned out to be a lack of quorum. This gave the upper hand to the leaders of the club who have continuously blocked every attempt to listen to its members regarding the CPOC. Because of the lack of quorum, the motion with 20+ “yay” votes in favor of the CPOC was null and void.

As it turns out after this meeting took place a special meeting followed a week after. This special meeting was conducted for one reason only and that was to approve the club’s bylaws. On the agenda it stated it was a special meeting and no other item was placed on the agenda.

According to Membership Chair Mike Suarez, they overturned the endorsement for the CPOC at this special meeting that had just taken place the week prior. They place the Citizens Police Oversight Commission on the agenda and list it as “for discussion only” and then hold a special meeting a week after unrelated to the CPOC and have a discussion and vote to overturn the CPOC without having it formally placed on the agenda. Sound inconsistent?

Members are now upset and once again have asked to place this item on the agenda. Apparently, the club went dark in July and members have waited for the next meeting that is to take place tomorrow evening, August 15, at the UFCW 1428 Union Hall building located in Claremont. As of today no agenda or minutes have been released (coincidence?)…