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Who are they? How many followers do they have? What do people talk about in these groups?

These simple questions led me down a rabbit hole of research. I researched the top Pomona Groups on Facebook. I researched their numbers, when they were created and who the admins and mods are.

Here are some fun facts, while researching this article.



Number of Facebook Pomona Groups:          21

Group with the most members:                   You know you are from Pomona, CA cause.
Number of members:                                      9,700

Group with the highest percentage of Pomona residents:                                          

Pomona Homeless

Most Pomona Residents by Percentage

1.      Pomona Homeless                   37.25%

2.      Other Eye On Pomona           35.21%

3.      You Know You Are From
Pomona Cause                        34.02%

4.      Eye On Pomona                      33.33%

5.      Shop Pomona                          33.1%


Oldest Group                                                  Growing Up in Pomona, CA wasn’t bad at All.

Date Created:                                                 1/23/2009

Newest Group:                                                On the Scene In Pomona, CA
Date Created:                                                  5/29/2019


Total # of Admins:                                          59
Total # of Mods:                                             8

Most # of Groups Managed by 1 Admin :     4

Photo Jul 25, 11 19 06 PM.jpg

My challenge for all 59 admins and 8 moderators:

Are you able to create and foster an environment where people have a civil discussion, especially hot topics that affect the community?

Can we be respectful of each other and our unique culture?

Can we contribute knowledge and information so that we are a stronger community?

Can we use these groups to mobilize Pomonans to make our city a better place?