church & city | Julian Lucas

On April 16, 2019, a group of aggressive outside agitators turned out to be exceedingly disruptive during a high school art competition at the dA Center for the Arts, located in Pomona, CA. During this event, Congress woman Norma Torres was attending in support of the arts.

The agitators harassed gallery patrons, including the participating high school students, as they entered and exited to and from the competition. A participant in the art competition was even questioned concerning his work. Although giving a compliment to the work of the student, the agitator alluded to artist Frida Kahlo saying the work reminded him of, “the lady with the eye brows”. The agitators proceeded with their aggressive display by lurking through the windows, shouting, harassing, and making slur remarks until Congresswoman, Norma Torres, quickly exited the gallery to avoid any conflict within the group. As the Congresswoman drove away, the agitators continued to taunt people within the area. Where were the cops?